Partnership Announcement: AI Hotel Marketing x Beehiiv

Dear Hotel Visionaries,

AI Hotel Marketing is elated to announce our strategic partnership with Beehiiv, a newsletter platform designed to convert casual readers into lifelong guests.

Why Beehiiv?
Beehiiv stands out with its AI-driven approach that aligns with our mission: to integrate advanced technology into every aspect of hotel marketing. It’s crafted to anticipate the needs of your guests, personalize content, and create a dialogue that resonates on a deeper level.

AI-Enhanced Engagement
Our partnership unlocks:

  • An AI-powered suite that curates content tailored to your guests’ interests.

  • Intelligent growth tools that predict and enhance visitor engagement, converting them into brand ambassadors.

  • Customization capabilities that reflect the unique voice of your hotel brand.

  • Analytics powered by AI to help you make informed decisions with precision and ease.

The Beehiiv Advantage for AI Hotel Marketing Members
Together with Beehiiv, we're addressing common pain points in hotel marketing:

  • Eliminate Guesswork: Utilize AI to understand and act on guest preferences.

  • Increase Retention: Engage guests with hyper-relevant content that encourages repeat stays.

  • Drive Direct Bookings: Leverage analytics to optimize campaigns and boost direct booking rates.

Seize the Power of AI with Beehiiv
Experience how Beehiiv can elevate your newsletter from informative to insightful, and transactional to transformational.

  • Responsive audience polls powered by AI to capture the real desires of your audience.

  • A custom referral program, designed to turn your guests into a potent marketing force.

  • SEO-optimized web pages, ensuring your hotel's digital presence is powerful and prominent.

Your Invitation to Innovate

This partnership ensures AI Hotel Marketing members receive unlimited advantages, setting your property as a leader in the hospitality industry.

Gear up for exclusive webinars and workshops that will harness Beehiiv's ai-powered features.

Let's navigate the future of hotel marketing together – with AI Hotel Marketing and Beehiiv, your brand will not just be seen; it will be remembered. Try beehiiv now.

Warm regards,
Katrin Goetzke
Founder | AI Hotel Marketing