Amadeus Travel Trends 2024: Reshaping Travel and Hospitality


  1. RateGain's $72 Million Funding Boost for Strategic Investments and Acquisitions - RateGain, a key player in travel and hospitality technology, has successfully raised $72 million to fuel its growth and expansion strategies. This significant injection of funds is earmarked for further investments and potential acquisitions, aiming to strengthen RateGain's position in the market. The company, known for its innovative solutions in revenue management and data analytics, plans to utilize this capital to enhance its technology offerings, expand its global footprint, and potentially integrate new capabilities through strategic acquisitions. This move is set to solidify RateGain's role as a leader in digital transformation within the travel and hospitality industry. Interested in understanding how RateGain's latest funding could impact your hotel's digital strategy? Contact AIHM to explore potential benefits and collaborative opportunities.

  2. Mondee's Strategic Acquisition of AI Company Led by Former Apple Developer - Mondee, a notable player in the travel industry, has recently expanded its technological horizons by acquiring an AI company founded by a former Apple developer. This acquisition signifies a major step in enhancing Mondee's digital capabilities, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence. The AI company's expertise, rooted in its leadership's experience at Apple, promises to bring cutting-edge innovation to Mondee's travel solutions. This move is expected to dramatically improve customer experience, streamline operations, and open up new avenues for personalized travel services, positioning Mondee at the forefront of AI-driven transformation in the travel sector.

  3. Innovative AI Pin Gadget: A Step Towards More Humane AI without Smartphones - The groundbreaking development in AI technology - a wearable AI pin gadget that offers a more humane and interactive AI experience without relying on smartphones. This novel device, designed to be worn on clothing, enables users to interact with AI in a more natural and accessible manner, promoting a seamless integration of AI into daily life. The gadget represents a significant shift from traditional smartphone-based AI interactions, emphasizing a more personal and intuitive engagement with artificial intelligence, potentially transforming how we interact with AI in various aspects of life, including hospitality, travel, and personal assistance.


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The latest research for 2024 reveals significant shifts in travel trends, highlighting the influence of influencers as booking facilitators, the rise of 'unbundled' business class fares, and the growing impact of AI in travel planning.

  • Agents of Influence: Social media influencers are transforming travel inspiration into direct bookings. Not just inspirers, they're now leading and hosting group trips, with platforms like Thatch, Luxury Travel Hackers, and TrovaTrip enabling direct bookings through Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. This shift towards 'Agents of Influence' reflects a significant change in how social media shapes travel, making influencers key players in the industry.

  • Music Tourism: Post-pandemic, concerts like Coldplay and Taylor Swift are driving significant travel bookings. Amadeus research shows substantial increases in flight searches to concert locations like Greece and Romania. For example, Coldplay's announcement led to a 62% rise in Athens flight searches, while Taylor Swift's tours are expected to boost Australia's tourism in 2024. This trend highlights the growing impact of music events on global travel.

  • Electric Skyways: As cities become more congested and air pollution worsens, emerging electric skyways with eVTOLs offer a solution for low-emission urban air travel. Volocopter plans to launch its VoloCity eVTOL fleet at the Paris 2024 Olympics, while Ecocity in the UK and Toff Mobility in South Korea prepare their own electric fleets. Joby Aviation, with agreements with Delta and ANA, targets 2025 for commercial eVTOL flights, signaling a shift towards sustainable air transit.

  • Intelligent Concierge: Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) is revolutionizing online travel planning. This AI-driven approach delivers hyper-personalized search and advice, making interactions more intuitive. Travelers can now communicate with chatbots like human advisors, bypassing the need for extensive filters. For example, Expedia's new ChatGPT plug-in acts as a virtual assistant, offering instant, tailored hotel and itinerary suggestions.

  • Business Class Lite: The evolving trend in air travel is towards offering 'unbundled' business class fares, making luxury travel more accessible and affordable. Airlines like Emirates, Qatar Airways, and others have introduced options like Business Class Lite, offering basic premium services at lower costs. Concurrently, some airlines are enhancing the luxury quotient in select business class seats for a more exclusive experience. This trend is expected to continue into 2024, with airlines like Air New Zealand and Lufthansa planning to introduce varied business class options, catering to a wider range of traveler preferences and budgets.

These trends not only reflect a dynamic shift in traveler preferences but also underscore the evolving landscape of travel technology and sustainability.

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